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Rasnov Cultural Tour

The Rasnov Cultural Tour shows you a part of the Transylvanian history

The Rasnov Cultural Tour is a unique tour. It is specially designed for foreign tourists who want to visit Romania. Both children and adults can join. You can also come alone or accompanied by family or friends. Rasnov is the third national resort in Brasov county after Poiana Brasov and Predeal.

Since the Middle Ages, the rose has been chosen as the emblem of Rasnov, and the root of the German toponym ”Rosenau” seems to be the word ,,pink”, which means ,”rosy”, ,”rose”, both in Latin, Slavic and German (Rosenau = Rose Valley).

The rose becomes the symbol of the Rasnov community, of the history and culture of Rasnov, an element of identification, representative, unique, spectacular, artistic and unique in the national tourist offer.

What can I discover through the Rasnov Cultural Tour?

Rasnov Cultural TourThe Rasnov Fortress is certainly the best known historical site in the Rasnov Cultural Tour. It is declared a historical monument and the only access is from the east. The appearance of the fortress has undergone several changes, and nowadays it has preserved some architectural elements that remind us of the fortifications that resisted the sieges. It is about 3500 square meters and is built of stone and brick. Access to the fortress is through an enclosure surrounded by a stone wall. The fortress has two courtyards, an inner and an outer one, and in the past the courtyard in front of the fortress used to house cattle. The outer courtyard has two entrances, one of which is under the square tower.

The main purpose of this fortress was one of defence. Like many fortresses and fortified churches in this part of Transylvania, the Rasnov Fortress attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists every year.

Why would I choose the Rasnov Cultural Tour?

In normal times, the success of the Rasnov fortress is resounding. It receives about 450,000 tourists annually under normal conditions. The large number of cultural events organised during the summer, children’s festivals, promotion of the fortress on tourist websites attract a large number of visitors, which increases year by year. Choose to be part of this community of explorers of history. Choose the Rasnov Cultural Tour!

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